The current updater used in PlaneShift has no Graphical User Interface, so this leaves many mac users thinking that nothing is happening once they click on the updater and watch it jump in the dock. But the good thing is, there is a way via an applescript to launch the updater via the terminal app and this will allow the players to view the progress of the application.

Running the Updater

We have two ways to run the updater, standard mode and repair mode. So that means we need to have an application that allows the users to run the updater in both modes, right now there are two separate applications for the two ways to run the updater. We even have two choices of icons for the applications.

Running the standard mode updater

Lets start out with downloading the application, Hey wait You said there are two icons to pick from I want to see them first.
The first icon is gem and the second is updater.
The Gem updater as well as the U updater run the same way. All you have to do is download the zip unzip it, and run it. It will launch the updater in Terminal and you can watch the progress in the terminal.

Running the repair mode updater

Now you have come to this page because your psclient is not running correctly and you are wondering what the updater can do to help you. Well you are in luck, the updater can check and make sure that your whole install is valid. Inorder to do this you can try to run the updater from terminal, but I bet you want something easier then that.
Well you are in luck just like the standard updater, we have a similar Application that will run the updater in repair mode. There is the Updater with gem icon and the Updater with the U icon. Same as above you just download the app, unzip it and run it. I dont think running the updater can get much easier