Planeshift Client

To help toubleshoot several issues with psclient it can help to get a console output. Many users have some issues with this. So again this got me thinking, how can this process be made easier. We now have two ways to get this output, the standard terminal output and verbose output.

Running with Standard Output

The most common output needed to try to resolve issues is the standard output. The easiest way to get this output is with this application, which you just download unzip and run, when you run this application it launches the terminal application and then starts the client. After you have seen the game crash or whatever the issue in question is, you can then copy and paste the output from the terminal app into a post on the ps forum.

Running with Verbose Output

At times the standard output does not give enough information to help with solving the problem. In these cases it helps to run the client in verbose mode. You can do this with an application similar to the one above. You just download this zip and unzip it run and then as above you can copy and paste the output from the terminal window into a forum post.