Planeshift Utilities

In order to just get PlaneShift running on a mac at times there are several fixes that are required to be to applied first. The easiest way to apply these is with this application. This one which is slightly different from the others on this site has a full graphical user interface that is used to pick and apply the fixes. All you need to do is pick which of the fixes you want and click on the fix then click on "Fix PS NOW", after the fix has been applied the application will tell you that the fix was successfully applied. You can only apply one fix at a time. In order to quit the application you can click on the "I am done" button.

Logs and Configuration files

In order to help mac users find their logs and configuration files easier there is the ps logs locator app. Just like the others all you have to do is download the app, unzip it and run it, with this app it will open a new finder window with the path to the logs and configuration files visable. This is also the same location that your screenshots, saved books and other such files are stored.

System Stats

In helping to figure out what other fixes you may need to get ps running that might not be straight forward it helps to know what your system stats are. To make sure that the proper infomation is posted the System Stats Application will show you the info required and all you have to do is copy and paste it onto the forum in your post asking for help.


Most of the applications linked on this site were made using the Platypus application. The Fix PS application is the only so far not made with this application.

All icons used in these apps either came from ps their community or the Platypus application.