PlaneShift is a game I have been involved in for several years. I have been a player, a Game Master [gm] and was a Tester. I have played this game on Windows, Linux and now as well a Mac. I have found on the forum that many of the Mac users in specific dont have a lot of technical skills, yet they need them to be able to get the game running correctly, which is not their fault. So I decided that I wanted to try and find out if I could make applying some of the common fixes easier and more straight foward for the user and those that are trying to help them. So here I was a very active forum poster and someone that is liked and disliked for her short posts that do tend to help others. Now I have found several ways to help the players with a combination of bash scripts and applescripts.

Keep in mind that all applications linked from this site require PlaneShift to be installed in /Applications/PlaneShift/ in order for them to work.